Laser eye surgeries

Treating aberrations in the eyes using laser eye surgeries have become common now-a-days. There is no fear going for such treatments. It takes only under a minute to perform such laser eye surgeries.

The main advantage of going for laser eye surgeries is that the patient may experience very little pain or not at all. Moreover the patients undergoing laser eye surgeries can return to work the following day itself.

During laser eye surgeries the surgeon creates a flap in the stroma and then removes some tissues in the cornea to improve the vision. Then the flap is placed in order.

This way the laser surgeries are used to treat nearsightedness and farsightedness. Creating a flap during laser surgeries can be done in many ways. This first step is important to perform laser eye surgeries.

Procedures like Lasik, Lasek, Epi-Lasik, and ALK are used for correcting short sight and long sight. A lasik procedure uses an excimer laser to remove tissues from the cornea.

It takes less a minute. Lasek procedure is used to cut flap in the epithelium. People having thin cornea are those who are done using the lasek procedures.

The epi-lasik is another procedure in which alcohol is not used on the flap instead an epikeratome is used. Pain is very less in an epi-lasik procedure.

ALK is one of the procedures used in laser eye surgeries but now-a-days more number of people goes for lasik and lasek since they offer better results than the ALK.

ALK is called the automated lamellar keratoplasty. In an ALK a microkeratome is used for the surgery to treat short sight. Pressure in the cornea itself is sufficient to cure the long sight in some cases.

To treat short sight and mild long sight photoablation procedures which are also laser eye surgeries like Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) are used.

In this type of laser eye surgeries, an excimer laser is used to remove the tissues from the cornea. The removal of the tissues from the cornea is the main part of surgery that treats the vision problems.

LTK called the laser thermal keratoplasty is another procedure that used the heat produced by the holmium laser. In treatments of laser eye surgeries using holmium laser re-treatment is necessary since the correction made to the vision is reduced after some years.

Selection of right candidate for the laser surgeries is important. The doctor has to do this since not all people are the right candidates for the laser surgeries. Similarly the patient also has to select the correct surgeon who can perform the operation in their eyes.


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