Eyelid lift surgery

An eyelid lift surgery is considered as a cosmetic surgery since the eyelid surgery is aimed at correcting the defects in the eyelid due to aging. Apart from aging the issues are also due to some other medical problems in the patient.

Eyelid tumor and excess skin are also some of the reasons for performing an eyelid lift surgery. Functional reasons and cosmetic reasons are there for an eyelid surgery.

These eyelid lift surgery are called blepharoplasty. Fat, muscle, and excess skin are removed using an eyelid lift surgery. The position of the upper eyelid is also taken into consideration during a surgery.

The skin creases differ according to the races. You would see how the upper eyelids look for a European and a Chinese. These differences are also considered during an eyelid lift surgery.

Usually the eyelid surgery is performed using local or general anesthesia. More often a local anesthesia is used for an eyelid lift surgery. Recovery from an eyelid lift surgery usually takes a few days.

To reduce bruising and swelling after the surgery ice pads are frequently applied to the eyes. Cosmetic surgeries are usually costly and they are also not covered by insurance.

If the cosmetic surgery has a functional reason then it is covered in the insurance plan. Hence it is better to consult your insurer to find out whether the cost of the eyelid lift surgery is covered in the plan that you have taken with them.

Surgeries for ptosis and ectropion which are considered functional are covered by insurance since these operations are not cosmetic. Losing your eyesight after an eyelid lift surgery is very rare. Cases of lost vision after a lower eyelid surgery are reported but they are very rare.

It is better to consult your surgeon and get more information about the eyelid lift surgery before you decide on a surgery like that. Sometimes laser is used in such surgeries to cut, but it is always better to approach a surgeon with more experience in eyelid lift surgery.

Technology does not matter if the surgeon is an experienced one. There are many websites that provide the list of surgeons available for these surgeries.

A good search on the internet using a good search engine would throw you information on these surgeons.

Before a surgery like this is done you body condition and health has to be diagnosed by the doctor to ensure that you are the right candidate for such a surgery.

Pre-operative diagnosis is important in such surgeries. If the patient disqualifies the doctor might postpone the surgery to some other date or might suggest some other alternatives.


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