Custom lasik eye surgery

A custom lasik eye surgery is also called a wavefront system. With this wavefront system it is possible to three dimensional measurements on the ways the eyes process the images.

The corrections done using a custom lasik eye surgery are very precise and they can be done according to individual needs. That is why a wavefront system is called a custom lasik eye surgery.

A patient has to be diagnosed properly to qualify for a custom lasik eye surgery. The FDA guidelines have to be met by the patient before the doctor decides on a custom lasik eye surgery for the patient.

The preciseness of the treatment done using these methods is not achievable using the traditional lasik surgeries. The thickness of the cornea also plays an important role in deciding for a custom lasik eye surgery.

Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are treated using a custom lasik eye surgery. The level of vision problem can be mild to high. Abnormal vision defects can be corrected using a custom lasik eye surgery.

This method costs more than the traditional lasik surgery. The doctor will give you the option whether to go for this surgery. Some people would have gone for lasik surgery earlier and might not have proper vision as they expected.

Such persons can go for a customs lasik eye surgery as a second treatment to correct the problem. A three dimensional map is created in a custom lasik eye surgery and this map guides the laser beams to correct the vision problems.

The cornea of the eye is reshaped according to the three dimensional map that is got in a custom lasik surgery. Thus the irregularities are corrected according to the individual’s need.

People who have undergone lasik surgery might have risks like halo effects and glare. These risks are overcome in a custom lasik eye surgery.

The technology used in custom lasik eye surgery called the wavefront is so advanced that you can decide how well you can see using this surgery.Higher order aberrations are responsible to determine how well you see.

A custom lasik eye surgery treats these higher order aberrations.The higher order aberrations are responsible for how well you see during night.The main advantages of this eye surgery are that there are more chances for a perfect vision and this reduces night visiondisturbances.

The best corrected vision is not lost in a custom lasik eye surgery. Achieving an 20/20 vision is more in a custom lasik eye surgery.


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