Corrective laser eye surgery

Many types of corrective laser eye surgery are there now. The development in the laser technology has made it possible. Among the corrective laser eye surgery performed, the LASIK is the most common now.

LASIK stands for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. The Lasik laser eye surgery is used to rectify, myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The procedure for lasik laser eye surgery involves two steps.

In the first step a flap is made in the stoma and the next step of the lasik corrective laser eye surgery involves removing of some of the tissue in the cornea with the laser.

The time taken for a corrective laser eye surgery like this is very less in the order of a few minutes. Another type of corrective laser eye surgery is the LASEK.

This is called the Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis.As the name indicates the flap is cut in the epithelium only. People who are not the best candidates for a LASIK laser eye surgery can go for a LASEK laser eye surgery.

Patients who have thin or flat corneas are the best candidates for a LASEK corrective laser eye surgery. One of the disadvantages of going for a Lasek corrective laser eye surgery is the long healing time and the discomfort experienced by the patient.

Another type of corrective laser eye surgery is the epi-lasik in which the epithelium is cut with an epikeratome instead of blade and alcohol. Pain with an epi-lasik is very less and faster healing is possible in this procedure.

Corrective laser eye surgery like the Lasik has replaced the older methods like the ALK that were used to treat myopia and hyperopia. The ALK procedure takes around one hour for the surgery.

Corrective laser eye surgery like Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is used to treat mild to moderate hyperopia and astigmatism. In the PRK method of corrective laser eye surgery the excimer laser is used to remove the tissue from the cornea. The time taken for PRK procedure is less than a minute.

Such procedures using PRK are called photoablation procedures. Ultraviolet radiation is used to remove tissue in the cornea in photoablation corrective laser eye surgery.

Many websites give you information on the different methods of corrective laser eye surgery.The choice of a method for correcting vision problems depends on the condition of the patient and his vision problem.

Different surgeons use different methods and some of them are experts in a particular method.Such surgeons may recommend the method in which they are expert and we cannot say that the method followed by a surgeon is the best one for that type of corrective laser eye surgery.


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