Best laser eye surgery

Identifying the best laser eye surgery is a task in itself because different patients respond differently to different types of laser eye surgery.

The different types of laser should be known to find out the best laser eye surgery for a particular patient. Broad beam laser and scanning laser are the two broad categories of laser that is employed in a laser eye surgery.

The broad beam laser as the name indicates uses broad beams that are up to 8 mm in diameter. Risk of overcorrection is reduced if the patient is treated with broad beam laser. Hence for some patients the best laser eye surgery will be with the use of broad beam laser.

Scanning laser is further divided into two categories called the slit scanning and the spot scanning. Smoother ablations are got with a slit scanning laser since laser beam scans a slit hole through which it is passed.

The smoothest of the ablations are got with the spot scanning laser which has laser beam diameter of the order of 0.8 mm to 2 mm. using them in surgeries are considered to be the best laser eye surgery.

Spot scanning lasers are used for customized ablations. Irregular astigmatism is best treated with spot scanning lasers and hence the best laser eye surgery for irregular astigmatism is through spot scanning lasers.

Although all the lasers that are approved by the FDA are used in eye surgeries, only some of them are better for some patients. Hence the best laser eye surgery can differ from patient to patient.

Whatever be the best laser eye surgery, the choice of the surgeon who performs the eye surgery plays an important role in getting the right vision after the surgery. Most of the people agree with this.

Hence it is important to select a proper surgeon with good experience in treating the kind of disorder you have in your eye. Improvements to the laser equipments used for the eye surgery are made continuously.

Hence to choose the best laser eye surgery for your requirement you have to discuss with your eye surgeon. From the view point of each surgeon the best laser eye surgery may vary depending upon their experience in the field.

Laser with eye tracking systems are also used in laser eye surgery. Just because of the eye tracking we cannot say that this system is the best for laser eye surgery.

The eye tracking system enables you to easily fixate the eye during the eye surgery. The position of the eye is linked to the laser system so that any movement in the eye is tracked and the laser positions itself to the correct position.

Some people consider this as the best laser eye surgery since there is an eye tracking system with it. But all the doctors do not agree this as the best system for laser eye surgery.


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