Sleep Apnea Laser Surgery

Laser surgery for sleep apnea is one of the recently developed medical concepts that involve the application of laser in the treatment of the clinical condition related with sleep apnea.

Of course the laser surgery for sleep apnea may be quoted as one of the surgeries that cost more in most of the countries and this needs specialized equipment to direct the laser beam in an coordinated manner, so as to cause effects at the site of application of laser beam.

On comparison, it can be stated that the laser surgery for sleep apnea often makes patient happy because of the fact that the days of hospitalization or the period of spending in hospital’s inpatient ward is highly minimized unlike the other kinds of surgical remedies that are associated with sleep apnea.

Similarly, the healing will be in a better manner comparatively because of the targeting of laser beam only at the required site and however, the patient may have pain immediately after the laser surgery for sleep apnea and however, this will subside, subsequently.

Laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty is a special kind of surgery in which the flap of tissues are not surgically removed but scarred in a systematic manner over a period of time and there may be a need of 4 to 6 sittings in the hospital in order to undergo this type of laser surgery for sleep apnea and by the correct application of laser beams, one can scar the tissues of uvula.

However, now one step laser based uvuloplasty is being widely practiced by skilled surgeons and in this surgical practice, the patient need not undergo.

The general anesthesia and the laser surgery for sleep apnea may be carried out in the patients who are awake by using local anesthetics at the palate region and except pain for few days, no alteration is identified in speaking by others and infact the patient feels happy on this simplified form of laser surgery for sleep apnea, using the one step application of laser beam.

Cold laser facilities may not be available with all countries and the surgery performed with the cold laser may have the additional benefit of absence of any pain subsequent to the laser surgery for sleep apnea.

One-step laser surgery for sleep apnea is advantageous in many aspects and this may be considered as a better surgical practice than the standard laser surgery for sleep apnea that is more commonly carried out in patients with sleep apnea.


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