Endometriosis Post Surgery Relief and Complications

Endometriosis is a condition where the cells from the uterus lining appear and thrive outside the uterus normally on the ovaries. These endometrial like cells outside the uterus respond the same way as the cells inside the uterine cavity and are influenced by the hormonal changes.

This problem is seen usually in the reproductive years of the women and mostly in infertile women. The main symptom of this problem is heavy menstrual cycle and severe pelvic pain.

As hormonal treatments have no much positive results on this endometriosis, surgery is the only answer for the problem. Although the surgery is a complex one when the woman has fibroids and other extensive diseases, a skilled, expert and experienced gynecologist can put an end to the problem.

Using a laparoscopic surgical procedure a doctor can perform:

  • Removal of the adhesions
  • Removal and ablation of the endometrial implants
  • Removal of one or both ovaries
  • Removal or ablation of the ovarian endometriosis
  • Removal of the uterus
  • Removal or repair of the bowel or bladder
  • Laparoscopic nerve ablation and presacral neurectomy

The two techniques by which the implants are removed are excision and coagulation.

Merits and Demerits

The merits and demerits that can be taken into account after this endometriosis surgery are:

Some women get relieved of the pain they had been experiencing while sense more pain after the surgery. Women in the older years take time to recover more than the ones that are young. The first menstrual cycle after the surgery that appears during the healing time can cause pain and can be heavy, lengthy and clotty. However, most of the time the consequent period tends to be normal.

Constipation is a normal problem for those who have had the operation in or around the bowel. A stool softener can be taken on the advice of the doctor. Plenty of fiber rich foods and water can ease the bowel. The fertility rate is improved after this endometriosis surgery and the woman has more chances of getting pregnant. The surgery when combined with biopsy, can give a clear picture and reason for the pain.

The disadvantages of this endometriosis surgery are that it does not reduce the pain completely in some woman. Some women do not conceive even after this surgery and they blame the surgery for it. The effectiveness of the surgery depends on the area where the endometrial cells thrive. Some complain of painful intercourse even after the surgery.

A few need a repeated surgery due to the reoccurrence of the problem. Some believe that when the surgical procedures expose the menstrual endometrial cells to non-epithelialized areas there is more risk of the endometriosis problem.
With menopause, the endometriosis problem becomes less in some women as the growth becomes smaller, but some women are not that lucky.

Nevertheless, medically surgery is the best option for women with this endometriosis problem that can eradicate and give a permanent solution to the problem.

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