Deviated Septum Surgery Cost

What is Deviated Septum Surgery?

The nose has a nasal septum made up of bones and cartilages. It runs in the center of the nasal cavity to divide the nose into two. When the nasal septum is crooked or off-centered, it is termed as Deviated Nasal Septum. This deviated nasal septum can be a birth problem or problem caused due to some injury or trauma.

The deviated nasal septum might lead to noisy or difficult breathing, nasal congestion, snoring, bleeding in the nose, sinus infection etc. This deviated nasal septum is corrected using Deviated Septum Surgery. The Deviated Septum surgery is also called as Septoplasty surgery.

Deviated Septum Surgery Cost

Deviated Septum Surgery is a costly procedure. The deviated septum surgery cost varies depending upon the complexity of the procedure, additional procedures involved and various other factors or background costs involved in the surgery.

Average Cost of Deviated Septum Surgery is $4400. However, the Deviated Septum Surgery Cost varies in different countries. In U.S., it ranges from $2000 to $6500. This surgery is done free of cost or for just $100 in United Kingdom, Canada, Harrisburg and many of the European countries. In Canada, the patients can claim complete cost of this surgery from the insurance companies. In Atlanta, the cost ranges from $3500 to $4200. In Florida and Countryside, it costs just $200. In India, the cost comes around Rs.50000.

Factors affecting the Deviated Septum Surgery Cost

Diagnostic test charges, hospital bills, operation theatre charges, surgical center bills, anesthesiologist fees, surgeon’s fees and doctor fees are some of the factors affecting the deviated septum surgery cost. When the complexity of surgery increases, the patient has to undergo more tests, need very experienced surgeon, and the patient has to stay in the hospital for couple of days, all these factors will considerably increase the Deviated Septum Surgery Cost. If certain other procedures like sinus surgery or rhinoplasty is combined with the deviated septum surgery, then the cost of that procedure will also get added in the deviated septum surgery cost.

Deviated Septum Surgery Cost reimbursement by Health Insurance
Deviated septum surgery cost reimbursement depends upon the insurance policy taken by the patient. Since Deviated septum surgery is considered as cosmetic surgery, only limited insurance companies reimburse for it.

And insurance policy decides which all factors of the surgery have insurance coverage by analyzing the procedures that are medically necessary. To claim for Deviated Septum Surgery cost from insurance company, the insurance holder requires following documents:

• A diagnostic test report should be given by the doctor specifying the patient’s problem and the need for surgery.

• An authorization letter or pre-determination letter from the insurance company, stating which portion of the incurred deviated septum surgery costs can be claimed. If the patient is undergoing cosmetic surgery, then only medically necessary aspects of it can be claimed.

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