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Treating the blood vessels in our body is called the vascular surgery. The vascular surgery had been invasive for most of the time and with the development in technology now it is considered to be minimally invasive and virtually non invasive.

Diagnosing through ultrasound, MRI scan, and CT scan has made the vascular surgery minimally invasive. Vascular diseases are treated with catheter and this has made the vascular surgery minimally invasive.

There are different types of vascular surgery that is being done to treat the blood vessels related diseases. Aortic aneurysm surgery, using balloons and stents to restore blood flow, carotid surgery, dialysis surgery, leg bypass surgery, and varicose veins surgery are all different types of vascular surgery.

Due to hardening of the arteries the arteries becomes stretched some times and they look like balloons. When the balloons rupture the patient will die.

Treating this is done by the vascular surgery called the aortic aneurysm surgery. Aneurysms occur in the aorta and the legs. You have to approach a vascular surgeon for that treatment.

Endo vascular surgery is a method that is minimally invasive and these are used to treat the blockages in the blood vessels that prevent the normal flow of blood.

Blood blockages are removed using balloons that are inserted in to the blood vessels. These balloons are inserted using catheters. The balloon is inflated inside so that it pushes the block away and restores the normal flow of blood.

Then the balloon and the catheter are removed. These are termed as endovascular surgery and these are considered to be minimally invasive techniques. This is type treatment is also called balloon angioplasty.

Carotid surgery is also a vascular surgery that restores proper blood flow to the brain. The carotid arteries are responsible for taking the blood to the brain. Stroke might be the result if proper blood flow to the brain is not there.

Due to plaque in the carotid arteries the blood flow to some part of the brain is blocked and this causes stroke in a person. Vascular surgery like carotid surgery is done to restore blood flow to the brain.

The carotid arteries are in the front of the neck. Dialysis surgery for renal failure patients are also vascular surgery. Due to lack of blood flow to the legs some patients have pain in their legs while they walk. This condition called claudication can be rectified with a leg bypass surgery which is also a type of vascular surgery.


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