Foods to avoid after Gallbladder Surgery

A patient who has undergone gall bladder surgery should have a clear idea on foods to avoid after gallbladder surgery. The patient should avoid many food items for complete cure and early recovery from the surgery. If the patient eats food items that are not recommended, then the patient might get affected by severe infections. Hence the patient should thoroughly consult the doctor about foods to consume and foods to avoid after gallbladder surgery completion.



List of Foods to avoid after Gallbladder Surgery

The following food items have to be avoided by the patient for at least one month after undergoing Gallbladder surgery:

• Foods having high fat content have to be avoided.

• Fried food items such as potato chips and French fries should be avoided.

• Cacao and chocolates should not be consumed.

• High fatty meats should be completely avoided. High fatty meats include bologma, ground beef, skinless chicken, horse, bacon, rabbit, ribs, pork, turkey skin and lamb. These food items can cause severe digestive problems.

• The milk should not be taken without skimming.

• Diary products such as ice cream, cheese, cream, sour cream, whole milk, etc should be avoided.

• Food items made with butter and lard including Pizza, creamy soups and sauces should be avoided.

• Sea food, oily fish (10-12 % fat) and eggs (6% fat) have to be avoided.

• Meat gravies, oils such as coconut and palm oil should not be tasted.

• Vegetable margarine and fatty nuts (50% fat) can be avoided.

• Alcohols such as wine and strong spirits should be avoided.

• Consuming Snuff, peppers, spices, saucers are not advisable.

• Gas producing foods and high fiber foods may cause discomfort for the patients. Few gas Producing foods and high fiber foods are: Whole grain beds, cereals, nuts, seeds, legumes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage. The patient has to avoid such foods for few days’ immediately after surgery and the patient can slowly add such food items in his diet after few weeks.

• Spicy foods should be avoided since it may cause gastro intestinal problems after the surgery.

• The patient should take only the medicines prescribed by the Doctor for Gallbladder surgery recovery. If the patient has to take any other medications or drugs for any other health reasons, then he should consult the Doctor before consuming it.

After returning home, the patient’s diet has to be given extreme care. The above food items must be avoided in the patient’s diet for minimum one month. If the patient has any discomfort after consuming any food item, then it has to be reported to the Doctor immediately.



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