Recovery after Double Hernia Surgery

What is Hernia?



A hernia can be termed as a weakness in the muscle structure of the abdomen wall. This weakness can lead to a bulge at the weaker area. Blood supply to the tissue that gets trapped in the bulge is obstructed thus causing severe pain and discomfort to the person. Surgery is the only solution to treat hernias.

What is Double Hernia?

Double hernia is also termed as bilateral hernia, a condition where dual set of hernias occur. Double hernia can be composed of both left and right inguinal hernia (hernias that occur in the groin area) and femoral hernia (hernias that occur little lower in the abdomen than the inguinal hernia).

Treatment for double hernia is only through surgery. Several factors like the age of the patient, location of the hernias, general physical conditions have to be taken into account while deciding the type of surgery to be performed.

The common method to treat double hernia nowadays is the minimal invasive laparoscopic surgery. A couple of incisions are made in the lower side of the abdomen, and a mesh is inserted to rectify the defective areas. Whether the surgery should be a laparoscopic procedure or the traditional open method is judged by the surgeon based on the condition and location of the hernias.

Double Hernia Surgery Recovery

Double hernia surgery recovery time differs from laparoscopic procedure to open procedure. In laparoscopic technique, the recovery time is relatively faster as there are no stitches to be healed. The patient can return to normal activities like walking, driving, work at desk etc within a few days. But the patient is not supposed to lift heavy weights, rigorous exercise till six to eight weeks after the surgery. Proper instructions are given to the patient regarding the body movements especially while coughing, sneezing etc. Pain killers are prescribed to reduce the discomfort after the surgery.

Open surgery requires a lot more time than the laparoscopic or key hole surgery as the sutures are big and they need to be healed completely before the patient starts rigorous work activities. Patient may experience post operative discomfort like bloating, constipation, difficulty in movements for the initial few days after the surgery.

A successful hernia surgery shows up no bulging in the lower abdomen area after the operation. Majority of the symptoms like pain, numbness are expected to reduce and go off in about six to eight weeks after the surgery.

Failure in Double Hernia Surgery Recovery

Failure of double hernia surgery is common. The symptoms include continuous pain like tooth pain and numbness in the operated area resulting in the patient to take pain killers for very long time.

Sometimes patients experience difficulty in crossing their legs or sitting down for life long. Other important symptom noted by many is failure of sexual function. They include, failing to have erection or failure to orgasm in spite of erection in men.

Sometimes these failures are attributed to surgical inexperience of the doctor who is on the learning curve.



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