Liposuction Scars Removal

About Liposuction Scars


You might prefer to undergo Liposuction to get the physique that you desire. But after liposuction, you might start worrying about the scars occurring due to the surgery.

Liposuction scars will not appear very big and ugly, because liposuction is done using very tiny incisions. But for few patients, skin darkening will occur in the place of scars due to keloids formation. In such cases, you will surely look for remedies that heal/vanish the scar.

Remedies for Liposuction Scars Removal

The surgeons will utter that the scar can be removed using a plastic surgery / laser surgery. This is really not needed. Surgery to remove a scar will be painful as well as expensive. There are many other simple remedies that can be used for liposuction scars removal.

Those remedies are discussed below:

Usage of Scar Reduction Creams

How does a scar reduction cream remove a scar? When applied, this cream will smoothen / soften the area containing the scar and there by limits the formation of scar tissue. The scar tissue will be formed when collagen is not getting replaced evenly in your body. This cream will evenly cure your tissue, hence there will be no formation of collagen and the scar will vanish soon.

But note that these creams have to be applied as soon as the surgery gets over, when the surgical area is healing. If you are using this cream many days after the surgery, then you will not find any results.

Usage of Scar Reduction Silicon Strips

Scar Reduction Silicon Strips are nothing but adhesive sheets that you have to place on your scar. When you stick this sheet on the scar it makes the scar smooth, removes redness from the scar area, and in turn maintains elasticity.

You can use this strip immediately after the surgery or even after the scar appears. You can use both silicon strips as well as scar reduction creams together to effectively remote the scar. Scar reduction creams do not remove the scars that already exist, but silicon strips can heal the scars that already exist in your body.

Usage of Silicon Gels

Silicon Gels can also be used to remove the liposuction scars. Applying silicon gel on the scar area will smoothen it and in turn remove the scar.

The creams, strips and gels made of silicon are very safe to use and in turn they are very effective though it takes a considerable time to see the effect. Different companies are producing these products. Review the products carefully, consult a doctor to verify about that product and then start using.



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