Testicular Hydrocele surgery

What is Testicular Hydrocele Surgery?

Testicular Hydrocele Surgery is done to remove the hydrocele formation within the scrotum of the male. When the tube descending from the testicles fails to close from the abdomen, then fluid will drain from the abdomen with the open tube . This fluid gets accumulated into the scrotum and causes it to become swollen. This is called as hydrocele. This is not painful in nature but may cause some discomfort. This hydrocele may happen either at one or both sides of the testicle. Hence a testicular hydrocele surgery is required to cure this case.

Testicular Hydrocele Surgery Procedure:

Testicular Hydrocele Surgery is normally done by giving anesthesia and making the patient asleep. After giving anesthesia, the surgeon will make a small incision at the scrotum of the patient. Then a bulk of the hydrocele sac will be cut away and the remaining will be let to go inside.

After that the fluid inside the scrotum will be drained out and the space will be sewn together. This will be done with the help of dissolvable stitches. After the surgery, the fluid secreting surface will be in contact with scrotum inner skin and not with the testicle which was before the surgery.

Testicular Hydrocele Surgery can be done using two different procedures:

• Lord’s Procedure: In this procedure, sac application will be used in case of medium and small hydroceles. The main advantage of this Lord’s procedure is low risk of hematoma (localized blood collection).

• Jaboulay Procedure: In this procedure, the sac is sutured and everted behind the area of the testis. Jaboulay Procedure has a low risk of doing the surgery again but it has a high risk of hematoma to happen after the surgery.

The Testicular Hydrocele Surgery is normally governed by two factors namely 1) hydrocele size 2) preference and experience of the surgeon.

Complications of Testicular Hydrocele Surgery:

The Testicular Hydrocele surgery may lead to several complications. Occurrence of complications in Testicular Hydrocele surgery depends upon the type of operation and general health of the patient.

• There are more chances of occurrence of swelling and bruising at the scrotal area. It may cause twinges and aches for few weeks.

• There will be temporarily difficulty in passing urine for few days.

• There are rare chances of sperm cord to get tightly squeezed which will cut off the blood supply. It may sometimes lead to shrinking of testicle.

• There are few chances that the hydrocele may come again even after the surgery.

• Infection, blood clotting and injury at the scrotal tissue may occur.

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