To remove hernia sac from the abdomen, Laparoscopic hernia surgery is used. Most of the men and women all over the world have hernia problems. This laparoscopic technique is very easy and convenient in doing the hernia surgery.


When the inside wall of the abdominal may get weakened and tear and it forms into a sac. There is all possibility of slipping of some of the loop of the intestines.

This causes severe abdominal pain and can lead to some complication. If any one have abdominal pain, it is better to consult a physician at the earliest to avoid complication in treatment at a later stage.

If the abdominal wall is subjected to excessive stress, it weakens the abdominal area. This is one of the causes for hernia.

The hernia may be of direct inguinal hernia and indirect inguinal hernia. When the hernia occurs much closer to the groin due to natural weakness, it is called indirect infuinal hernia.

When the hernia occurs closer to the groin due to excessive strain, it is called direct inguinal hernia.In children, excessive weakness is one of the reasons for hernia. In adults, overweight is one of the reasons for hernia.

The persons who lift heavy weight are more prone to hernia; any coughing and difficulty in urinating are some of the symptoms of hernia.

In this surgery, small incision is made in the area just below the abdomen and above the thigh. Through this incision a camera is let into to see the vital organs inside. In this surgery, the hernia sac is removed and the incision is closed by stitching.

This type of surgery is much faster and easier. The healing process is must quicker than the other method of surgery. After the surgery, the patient has only less pain.

The patient can return to normal life within a few days after the surgery. Most the gallbladder surgery all over the world is done laparoscopically. After the surgery patients can return to home few hours after the surgery.

The surgery is also very easy to perform. Due the advancement of technology the physician can finish the surgery much faster.Thus laparoscopic hernia surgery cures the hernia problems of men and women all over the world.



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