Bladder reconstructive surgery

The bladder reconstructive surgery is the best way to remove the cancer affected tissues from the bladder and re-construct the tissues at removed place. The type of re-constructive surgery will be decided depend up on the severity of the cancer and your health.


In a radical cystectomy surgery, the bladder will completely be removed and the surgeon will re-construct the urinary system to expel the urine effectively.
The urinary conduit re-constructive surgery is a simple method of surgery with out any risk or complication.

This surgery performs to isolate a segment from the small intestine and connecting one end to the ureters and the other end leaves as open at your lower abdomen by which urine can be drained into a small bag.

Catheterizable stoma is another type of re-constructive surgery and it performs to provide an interior bag instead of the external arrangements.

The urine can be removed from the internal bag by using the catheter. Neo-bladder re-constructive surgery is performing for the re-creation of the bladder by providing the same type of internal pouch used in a Catheterizable stoma connected to the tube.

Which carries urine from your body [urethra], by which you can expel the urine without having any external opening and you may have to use a catheter inserted through your urethra. Neo-bladder re-construction surgery may lead to a number of complications, including scarring, internal urine leakage etc.

Biological therapy is the other option to fight against bladder cancer, which stimulates the body’s immune system and increasing the defensive power of the body to fight against the cancer.

This method is normally applies for the prevention of cancer attacks. The smoking habit of the human may lead to the bladder cancer because, the carcinogens chemical consisting in the tobacco may become concentrated in the urine to damage the lining of the bladder and leads to cancer.



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